Department Services

The Department Services Division within the Department of Personnel Services consists of six teams that provide County-wide Human Resources support services.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of Human Resources services to our employees, our Departments and the community while promoting and recognizing innovation, excellence and integrity.

Four of these teams, the HR Service Teams, are comprised of 15-20 human resources professionals responsible for providing all human resources support and services to each of the County’s operating departments.  Services provided include employee relations consultation, discipline, investigations, performance management, labor contract administration, leave of absence, payroll processing and maintenance of the human resources information system.  

The Special Programs Team provides County-wide human resources services in the areas of position control, Salary Resolution Amendment (SRA) administration, and State Disability Insurance payroll integration.  They also manage the County’s Unemployment Insurance program.

The COMPASS Support Team provides County-wide services related to system and configuration changes needed in the County’s HR information system to support the County’s human resources business operations and changing needs of the organization.