As a County employee, you’re invited to enhance your skills and develop your career through County sponsored workforce learning courses.  The Department of Personnel Service's, Training and Organization Development Office offers complimentary classes on various topics to all County employees. Course offerings include: 

  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention training will meet the qualifications for all employees (both supervisory/AB 1825 as well as non-supervisory employees) this training is available online and in classroom formats. 
  • Classes for employees in a lead position through the Lead Academy and for supervisors and managers through the Manager/Supervisor Academy
  • Employee Development classes are available and open to all employees with a variety of course topics geared toward enhancing and developing your skills and abilities you need to be successful in your job.
  • New Employee Orientation

You’re invited to review the current schedule and are encouraged to discuss your workforce learning interests with your supervisor. For more information, please email the Training Office at DPS-TrainingOffice@s​ or phone us at 874-7711. Our staff is enthused to support your success!

To access the current schedule and other resources visit the Resources page.