Harassment Complaint-Supervisor and Management

​ Additional Frequently Asked Questions​

Speak up when you witness harassment, because you will help increase a sense of accountability for maintaining a safe office environment. As a supervisor or manager who fails to take action, by not putting a halt to inappropriate behavior, you send a message to others on your team that you condone the behavior, and you may also be in violation of County policy.

Notify Human Resources in writing of the circumstances as soon as possible.

No. Verbal reports are acceptable, yet written complaints are preferable (Review Complaint Guidelines and complete the Online Complaint Form or the MS Word Complaint Form), as the County reviews and investigates any report of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. If you receive a verbal report, you should document it in writing and notify a DPS Human Resources Team Member (Team phone numbers list on the Complaint Guidelines) of the circumstances as soon as possible (within 24-hours).

No, other than reporting conduct to and cooperating during an investigation with a manager or a DPS Human Resources Team Member, these allegations are confidential to the extent possible, so you are not to disclose any information unless there is a business need to do so.

The County cannot promise complete confidentiality. The County processes complaints, as confidentially as possible, but information must be released to individuals who have a need to know in order to conduct a thorough investigation and to carry out due process.

No. Honoring such requests could place other employees at risk of harassment or discrimination, and place the County at risk for failing to take prompt action. A supervisor or manager who fails to take action may also be in violation of the policy.

The County is required to provide a work environment free of harassment; thus, it must take any action within its authority to stop the harassing behavior despite the person’s non-employee status.

Employees may report concerns to any supervisor or manager or directly to Human Resources.

Timely report potential issues to a DPS Human Resources Team Member (and view the Complaint Guidelines)