Employment Services

​Frequently Asked Questions

The Sacramento County Employment Services Division is located in the County Administration Building at 700 H Street, Room 4667 (4th Floor), Sacramento, CA 95814.

Employment Services is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding observed holidays. Our phone number is (916) 874-5593.

Metered parking or parking in the County garage (entrance located on G Street before 7th street) are your best options for parking. Some meters only take quarters and there is a fee to park in the County garage.

The County has over 11,000 employees working in over 900 job classes. Employees work in locations all over the County. There are jobs in every major occupational group and in all trades. Therefore, the minimum qualifications for positions vary from “not requiring any education and experience” to “requiring a Master’s degree with State licensure.”

A formal Class Spec describes a job, including title, definition, a description of principal duties and responsibilities, and a statement of Minimum Qualifications to be required of applicants for employment in each class. Civil Service exams are based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities described in the Class Spec. The County of Sacramento has over 700 Class Specs, which all must be approved by the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Supervisors.​

Yes. The County of Sacramento gives veterans preference points in open recruitments. You will receive 5 points for being a veteran, and 10 points if you are a qualifying disabled veteran. Such preference shall only apply to the first appointment in any permanent County position. In order to receive these points, you must have served in the US military during war time or conflict and your discharge must be classified as “honorable.” Additionally, you must provide a copy of your DD214 and, if applicable, a copy of your disability award letter.

If you applied online you may update your contact information by logging into your account at www.SacCountyJobs.net​. If you do not have an online account, please contact our office for assistance at (916) 874-5593. 

All communications sent from County of Sacramento departments will be to the address, phone number, or email we have on file. It is important that you keep your information current so that you do not miss important information regarding your application, exam, or potential employment opportunities.

  • Open examination -- Any persons qualified for the position may apply for the examination.Applications are typically accepted during a 2 to 4 week filing period.
  • Promotional examination -- Only qualified County employees with permanent status (hassuccessfully passed the probationary period) may apply for these exams.
  • Continuous file -- Any persons qualified for the position may apply. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and processed on a predetermined schedule and on an as-needed basis.

Recruitment schedules are based on a number of things including:

  • Availability of a current eligible list
  • Number of individuals on the list who are still interested in the position
  • Number of anticipated openings

For some jobs with limited turnover and a small number of positions, recruitments will open on an as needed basis which could be from six months to three years.

To be automatically emailed when a recruitment opens, go to www.SacCountyJobs.net and click on the menu on the left side of the page, then click “Job Descriptions”. In the search bar, you can type in the job title you are looking for. Once you find the job title you are interested in, click on the job title link. There will be a page that opens on the right hand side. Click the green “Subscribe” button. 

You can provide your personal information and our system will automatically generate an email when the position you are interested in opens for applications. Interest cards are good for one year and then will need to be renewed. In order to use this function, you will need to have or obtain a personal email account. You can sign up for free email at services like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Excite. It only takes a few minutes to register.

All current job openings are listed on the Employment Services Division Job Opportunities web page. Click on any job title to view the job announcement for that particular job. The job announcement will include in-depth information about the position, including essential functions, knowledge and skills used in the position, and required education and experience. From this page you may either print the job announcement or apply online for that position. 

For any questions, The Employment Services Office can be reached by email at EmployOffice@SacCounty.gov​ or by phone at (916) 874-5593. All job announcements are also posted in the Employment Services Division office at 700 H Street, Room 4667, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Valuable information on the announcement includes:

  • Salary
  • Position description
  • Examples of necessary knowledge and abilities
  • Minimum qualifications
  • Special requirements
  • Information about the testing process including
  • Type of recruitment (open, promotional, or continuous)
  • Type of exam (written, oral, etc.)
  • Tentative test date
  • Resume information
  • How to apply
  • How to submit required documents when applying online
  • Tentative final filing or cut-off dates
  • Supplemental instructions and questions

Appeal rights: When viewing the job announcement online, appeal rights are listed under the “benefits” tab.​​

Each job announcement lists the Minimum Qualifications and special requirements of the position. Evaluate your experience, education, and training to determine if you meet the requirements and possess the knowledge and abilities outlined for that position. If applicable, review the supplemental questions. 

If in doubt, submit your completed application and the Employment Services Division will determine whether or not you meet the requirements.

Upper division coursework is defined as coursework that is taken at a four-year university towards a Bachelor’s degree (or higher). They are usually your “major” courses defined as “upper division” by the awarding institution.

Each job announcement lists the Minimum Qualifications and special requirements of the position. If the Minimum Qualifications and/or special requirements list a specific type of college coursework, degree, license, certificate, etc, then applicable documentation must be submitted. In order to be qualifying, education must be from a U.S. accredited (or equivalent) institution. Acceptable forms of educational documentation are transcripts (official or unofficial), and/or a copy of your diploma/degree. 

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable and must list the student name, institution name, field of study and date the degree was awarded. Copies of diplomas should indicate your name, the name of the school, a specific field of study and date of graduation. If applicable, required documentation should be submitted with each application. If you previously submitted documents please call our offices to confirm we have them on file. Please do not send originals; copies of the required documents are acceptable. No submitted documents will be returned. 

For recent graduates who have not received proof of their degree yet, a letter from the registrar’s office stating that all requirements for graduation have been met and listing the field of study will be sufficient proof of graduation.

If you have previously submitted electronic copies of your documents to the Employment Services Division you may call our office and ask​ to have them attached to your current application. If we do not have your electronic documents in our system you will be required to resubmit them. 

We do not have access to any personnel files of County Employees. County Employees must submit required documents with their applications.

All foreign transcripts or diplomas must be in English. If the institution does not provide these documents in English, the applicant will need to provide a translation which has been done by a professional agency. County of Sacramento will accept education as equivalent to U.S. accreditation from Institutions that are listed as members of the International Association of Universities. You may check for your school by visiting the IAU web site

Applicants who possess a degree or completed coursework that is not from an accredited college or university, must submit one of the following:

  1. A written statement from a U.S accredited university or college that states that the applicant is qualified for entrance to a program of graduate studies for which a degree in a related field is required.
  2. An evaluation of the applicant's degree and coursework equivalency by a private organization that provides foreign credential evaluation services. The evaluation must include a comparison of comparable U.S. courses for content, credit and grade.

Note: Foreign language documents must include a precise word-for-word English translation of all foreign language documents. It is the responsibility of each applicant to prove to the satisfaction of the County that the applicant meets the specific requirements listed on the job announcement for each specific examination. The following is a list of private organizations that provide foreign credential evaluation services. Fees range from $50 to $400 per document; processing times vary from 5-20 business days. For further information, please contact the organization(s). The County of Sacramento does not endorse these business entities; this list has been developed for informational purposes only.

  • Educational Records Evaluation Service
    601 University Ave., Suite 127 Sacramento, CA 95825
  • Foreign Education Document Service
    P.O. Box 151739 San Diego, CA 92175
    www.documentservice.org ​
  • Center for Applied Research, Evaluation & Education Inc.
    P.O. Box 18358 Anaheim, CA 92817
  • Global Services Associates, Inc.
    409 North Pacific Coast Highway, # 393
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310)828-5709
    www.globaleval.org ​
  • International Education Research Foundation Credentials Evaluation Service
    P.O. Box 3665 Culver City, CA 90231-3665

The Employment Services Division utilizes the U.S. Department of Education’s database to verify that accreditation is through one of the accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 

County of Sacramento will also accept education from Institutions that are listed as members of the International Association of Universities. You may check for your school by visiting the IAU web site.​

Experience required in the Minimum Qualifications means full time paid experience unless the announcement states otherwise. Part time paid experience will be prorated accordingly.

What if I do not have an email?

Email Service Website How to Sign Up
Google Gmail www.gmail.com Click on “Create an account"
Microsoft Outlook www​.outlook.com Click on “Sign up now"
Yahoo Mail www.yahoo.comClick on “Mail," then click on “Create Account"
AOL www.aol.com​Click on “Get a Free Username"

If you do not have access to a computer, you are welcome to use any of the public access computers at your local public library. In addition, Sacramento Works provides computers to use and assistance. You may go to http://sacramentoworks.org/​ for a location near you.​

Once you locate a job that is currently accepting applications, click on the ‘apply now’ link in the upper right hand corner, log onto www.governmentjobs.com​ and follow the online instructions. 

Detailed instructions are available on the Employment Services Job Opportunities web page.

If you have submitted an online application with the County of Sacramento in the past, you can call Employment Services at (916) 874-5593 and a representative will look up the last e-mail address that was on file for your account.

If it has been quite a while since you last logged in, your password may not meet current password requirements. In order to help keep your account information secure, only passwords that are of proper construct and length are accepted. 

The message you get will explain that a Password Reset Email has been sent to the email address on your account. If you can still access that email address, the email will contain a link for resetting your password. If you cannot access that email, you will need to create a new account on www.governmentjobs.com.

You can upload electronic copies of required documents during the online application process. You can also submit any additional and/or required documentation by email at EmployOffice@SacCounty.gov, fax (916) 854-9117), mail, or in person at the Employment Services Division, 700 H Street, Room 4667 (4th floor), Sacramento, CA 95814. 

These documents should be submitted by the final filing or cut-off date. The title of the position you are applying for, your name, the last 4 digits of your social security number or applicant ID#, and your phone number should be indicated on each page. Please make sure all copies are legible (especially faxes).

Please note that any documents added to your online profile after you have already submitted your application electronically will not be attached to your recent applications and should be submitted directly to Employment Services by fax, email, or US Mail by the final filing or cut-off date.

Yes. You must submit a separate job application for each position. When you apply online, you create an account which allows you to create and save your application, eliminating the need to complete a new application for each recruitment. An online application allows you to simply log into your account, find the new job title you are interested in and update your application (e.g., experience, education, etc.) if applicable and submit. 

Responses to supplemental questions are not saved and included in an application to a new job. If the new application has supplemental questions, you will need to submit new responses. You may also upload additional required documents electronically to your application.

No. With positions that indicate levels, there is only one exam associated with that position, so only one application needs to be submitted. Your application is reviewed at Level I for Minimum Qualifications. Once you get on the eligible list for hire, the appointing authority may bring you in at Level II provided you meet the Minimum Qualifications for that level.

The Administrative Services Officer positions will be announced separately as they are separate classes and there will be a different exam given for each. If you only applied for ASO I, your application will not be considered for ASO II and III if they are all open for recruitment. You must submit a separate application for each position. There are separate eligible lists for hire that will be established for each position.

No. The Employment Services Division does not provide copies of previously submitted applications or attached materials. We recommend that you keep a copy of the material you submit for future reference. Applications and attached materials are not available for photocopying.

No. You must submit a completed County of Sacramento Employment Application for each position you are interested in. You may attach a resume and cover letter; however the information on the resume cannot substitute for the completed application. You must also complete and submit any additional information listed on the job announcement. This may include a Supplemental Questionnaire, work samples, or copies of licenses/degrees/transcripts. Resumes will not be considered when determining Minimum Qualifications or test scores.

A Supplemental Questionnaire consists of questions related to the experience, education, training, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the job. 

For Formula Rate exams, this is your Civil Service examination. Please answer each question completely and concisely. References to a resume’ or answers to other questions will result in the question not being scored. Supplemental Questionnaire instructions are outlined in the job announcement.

Your signature verifies that the materials submitted are true/accurate to the best of your knowledge. Once signed and submitted, your application packet becomes a legal document. Falsified information on an application may be cause for dismissal at any time. 

Once a completed application is submitted online, that is considered your electronic signature.

We only accept applications online and no longer accept hard copy applications. Applications are only accepted for positions that are open for recruitment. Completed applications, along with any other required documents, must be in by 5:00 PM on the final filing or cut-off date. 

The final filing or cut-off date is listed on all job announcements. In your online account, you can view a copy of the application, materials you submitted, and job announcement to assist you in preparing for any test and/or interview process that may be required.

The Employment Services Division will review the information in the Education and Work Experience sections on your Application, but not the Supplemental Questionnaire, against the current Minimum Qualifications outlined in the job announcement.

Please list all paid work experience, licenses, professional affiliations, classes you have taken, training you have received, applicable volunteer work and any other special qualifications you possess which relate to the position for which you are applying.  

Full time paid experience on the basis of a 40 hour work week is counted towards the experience portion of the minimum qualifications, unless the announcement indicates volunteer experience is acceptable. Part time experience may be accumulated and pro-rated to meet the experience requirement.  

Without accurate and complete information, we will not be able to determine whether or not you meet the Minimum Qualifications for the job. It is very important to include all requested information and specific job duties. Failure to include requested information will result in rejection of your application. Responses of ‘see resume’ will not be considered and may cause you to be disqualified from the exam process.

No, full time paid experience on the basis of a 40 hour work week is counted towards the experience portion of the minimum qualifications, unless the announcement indicates volunteer experience is acceptable. Part time experience may be accumulated and pro-rated to meet the experience requirement.

No. The Application and Supplemental Questionnaire are administered as two separate documents. The Application is used only to determine if the Minimum Qualifications are met. The Supplemental Questionnaire will be used only to determine your exam score. 

In order to receive every consideration in the selection process, you must complete all questions with concise but detailed answers and provide all requested information. Each answer on your Supplemental Questionnaire will be scored separately. Reference such as ‘See Resume’ as a response will not be scored.

Notifications are sent to the email address provided by the applicant on his/her application. They can also be viewed in your GovernmentJobs.com Inbox.
Note that if you update your email on your GovernmentJobs.com Inbox, that will not update the email address for any applications that have already been submitted. You will need to check your GovernmentJobs.com Inbox on a regular basis to see any notifications sent related to your previous applications.

Notices are sent to the email address in your governmentjobs.com profile. Exam notices are time sensitive. If you are expecting a notice, please check your inbox and spam folders regularly, and add the following email addresses to your Safe Sender list: info@governmentjobs.com, noreply@governmentjobs.com

Please note: Exam notices sent via email can also be accessed in your governmentjobs.com inbox. Follow these steps to view or check for notices:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on your name in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Inbox’ from the menu

Please contact the person listed on your notice. It should provide their name, email and contact phone number. Please understand that for the larger examinations, we may be trying to respond to hundreds of phone calls. Please email or leave a message for the person listed on your notice, and he/she will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. The applicant does not provide enough detail about their work experience and duties in the Work Experience section on their application. For example, if you are applying for Automotive Mechanic, just writing “10 years as mechanic at XYZ Ford” doesn’t provide enough detail about your duties. Writing “As a mechanic at XYZ Ford dealership, I performed computerized diagnostics, repaired and replaced all components of the drive train, specialized in repairing hybrid vehicles, and did trouble-shooting of difficult electrical problems.” provides enough information to assess your experience to see if it meets the Minimum Qualifications.
  2. Required documents are not attached to the application, such as a transcript, diploma, or typing certificate. If the Job Announcement states you must attach documents to substantiate your education or certifications, your application will be rejected if you don’t. If you have previously applied online, you maybe able to choose previously submitted documents to attach to your new application.

Minimum Qualifications can change over time as the job duties and needs change over time. Therefore, it is possible that you could have qualified in the past for a particular exam and not for the current exam administration.

In addition, your application is reviewed for these Minimum Qualifications based on what you submit in your current application, as we do not refer back to previous applications and exam files.

You may reapply for most exams as often as the job opportunity is announced. You may apply only once per cut-off for continuous filing applications.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the County of Sacramento provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities during employment examinations. 

If the Job Announcement for the position you are applying for states “Formula Rate,” you will have already completed the exam when you submitted your application. 

If the Job Announcement indicates a Written, Performance or Oral Exam, and you need a Reasonable Accommodation to participate in that Exam, please review the Job Applicant Exam Reasonable Accommodation Information and submit an Employment Exam Reasonable Accommodation Online Request Form, with required documentation, to the Disability Compliance Office (DCO) by the Exam’s final filing date. 

If a request is submitted after the final filing date, every effort will be made, but it may not be possible to arrange accommodation in time to take the exam. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Disability Compliance Office at (916) 874-7642 (CA Relay Service 711) or email DCO@saccounty.gov.

All tentative testing dates are listed in the job announcement. Candidates may be rescheduled only for religious or disability reasons and County employees may be rescheduled for military commitments. 

Please contact our office before the final filing date and ask to speak to the Technician in charge of that exam to explain your situation. Documentation may be requested. 

For any other questions or accommodation requests for exams please contact our office by the final filing or cut-off date for the exam you have applied for.

Depending on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the position, the Civil Service examination may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Evaluation of training and experience on a Supplemental Questionnaire (if required)
  • Written examination (multiple choice)
  • Oral examination (before a multiple person interview panel)
  • Performance examination
  • Physical agility test (for some safety positions)

The type of exam given for a particular position is outlined under the “Application and Testing Information” section on the job announcement. Notification of each written, oral, performance, or physical agility examination will be by mail or email approximately two (2) weeks prior to the exam. If you do not receive notification two days prior to the examination, please call our office. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that the County of Sacramento is notified of any changes to your email address.​

Formula Rate (Training and Experience Evaluation) – An evaluation of a candidate’s education, training, and experience in response to the supplemental questionnaire. Responses to supplemental questions are rated according to structured guidelines prepared by the exam development analyst and Subject Matter Experts. This is the examination and how your score and rank is determined. 

  • Written (Job Knowledge) – Tests for both basic and technical knowledge required for the position and other job-related characteristics, such as reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation, grammar, mathematical abilities. Written exams can be multiple choice, true-false and/or fill-in-the blank questions that are designed to measure knowledge and abilities related to the class. It is the most cost-effective device when dealing with a large applicant group, and there is evidence that validity is typically strong. 
  • Structured Oral Interview Exam– A face to face examination, where panel members ask structured questions to each candidate and rate the responses according to guidelines prepared by the exam development Subject Matter Experts. These interviews typically consist of 9 to 15 structured questions, and may include an advanced written exercise, oral presentation, role play, etc. This is not a job interview; rather an examination to test a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Performance – The applicant is required to perform some aspect of the job. Examples of a performance exam include: a typing test, a driving test, identifying different types of plants, etc. 

Each of these exams is developed in order to establish an eligible list. The standardized exam process is separate and distinct from the selection or hiring interview process. Items such as resumes and letters of reference are not factors considered during the standardized exam process.

All tests are job-related and test the knowledge, skills and abilities outlined in the class specification for that particular position. To prepare, read the job description, duties, knowledge and ability sections on the class specification, then study the material you feel would directly or indirectly relate to the necessary knowledge, skills, or abilities. 

For example, if two of the requirements for a position are performing mathematical calculations and interpreting regulations, some of the exam questions will probably cover math and reading comprehension. 

You may find class specifications by going to our Job Opportunities web page​​ and clicking on the ‘Class Specs’ link on the left side of the page.

After all examinations are completed, the candidates who passed all of the steps will receive written notice of their examination results by email. Candidates passing will be placed on an eligible list for hire according to the score and rank obtained. This process can take up to six weeks to complete. Candidates failing to achieve a passing score will receive an email notice that they were not successful in the examination process. 

Sacramento County does not give scores for individuals who receive these notices. Examination materials are not eligible for review because they are standardized exams. Department(s) that have vacancies will request a copy of the eligible list to start their interview process. They will contact selected applicants directly. They can interview anyone in the top three ranks and there can be more than one person in each rank. 

It is important that your contact information is current so that you receive communications regarding job openings. If you have a change in address, email or phone number, you may update this information by logging into your account at www.governmentjobs.com​.

If you submitted a hard copy application and do not have an online account, please contact our office at (916) 874-5593.

Once the eligibility list is certified to the department for final interview/selection, the Employment Services Division is unaware of the scheduling. To fill a current vacancy, departments will usually contact selected candidates within a matter of days. However, there are occasionally circumstances where it may be weeks between certification and the department interviews. You may be contacted for an interview when the department sets the schedule. In some cases not all candidates on an eligible list are contacted for an interview. 

Of course, if you have moved since the beginning of the recruitment process, or you have had a change of address, email or phone number, you should update your account online or notify the Employment Services Division immediately when the change takes place. Otherwise, notifications to you may be lost.

An eligible list is comprised of all the candidates that passed the Civil Service exam process. They are placed on the list according to their score and ranking for that particular exam. The department(s) can interview anyone in the top three ranks and there can be more than one person in each rank. Individuals are encouraged to be on as many eligible lists as possible to maximize their employment opportunity with the County of Sacramento.

As people are hired from the eligibility list, ranks are cleared. Clearing a rank means that each person in a particular rank was either hired or inactive. As ranks are cleared, the department can interview individuals farther down on the list.

Yes. The County of Sacramento gives veterans preference points in open recruitments. You will receive 5 points for being a veteran, and 10 points if you are a qualifying disabled veteran. Such preference shall only apply to the first appointment in any permanent County position. In order to receive these points, you must have served in the US military during war time or conflict and your discharge must be classified as “honorable.” Additionally, you must provide a copy of your DD214 and, if applicable, a copy of your disability award letter.

For open recruitments: The life span of the list normally varies from one year to three years, depending on the position. Lists may be cancelled earlier than one year if there are less than three candidates remaining. Lists may be extended from the initial expiration date of one year at the request of any department who may be utilizing the list. 

For continuous recruitments: The lists for continuous recruitments are valid for one year. 

List dates are the dates indicated on your ranking notices.

You can request that your name be re-activated to the list by sending the request in writing to the Employment Services Division at DPSE-Certs@SacCounty.gov​.

Positions are put on continuous file for a number of reasons. The position can have high turnover, there are numerous positions utilized Countywide, hard to recruit for, etc.

Continuous file lists are always changing, with people being removed and added continuously. Due to the nature of some positions, there are periods of frequent hires followed by periods of inactivity. If you are still interested in pursuing the position, you are encouraged to reapply.

If you receive an interest letter, be sure to respond before the deadline indicated on the notice. Make sure a permanent position is being offered if that is what you are looking for. Be sure that you know the time and place you should appear for the interview, to whom you should report to for the interview, how long the interview is scheduled to last, and the job for which you are being considered. Eligibility lists may be used by more than one department; therefore, the Employment Services Division may not know who contacted you. It is important to get all necessary information when you are contacted for an interview. 

Research the department, section and positions that are associated with your interview. Make sure to review and have copies of your application or resume as well as the job announcement. Be prepared to discuss how your training and/or work experience relate to the position for which you are interviewing. During the interview, listen carefully to the questions. Your answer should cover everything you feel your interviewer needs to know to evaluate you fairly.

Conditional job offers are made "pending" a physical examination/questionnaire, background check and possible urine drug screening. If you are working when you receive a conditional job offer from the County of Sacramento, DO NOT quit your job until you have been instructed to do so. The County of Sacramento complies with the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986. If offered a position, you will be required to present identification and/or work authorization paperwork. Only documents identified in law or regulation are acceptable. 

After you have been offered and have accepted a position, be sure that you understand when you will begin, where and to whom you will report to on the first day, and whether there are any other steps the hiring department would like you to take before starting work. Be sure to get the telephone number of the person who contacted you for hire in case you have further questions.

When you are selected your name will be removed from the eligibility list for that position. Your name will remain on any other eligibility list you may be on for the specified life of the list. If you would like to be removed from the other eligibility lists, please notify the Employment Services Division.

If you are not immediately successful in getting a position, your name will remain on the eligibility list for consideration. You may be considered for any vacancies that occur during the life of the list. If you do not receive a job offer during the life of the list, then you must wait for that position to have another recruitment period before reapplying. 

It is a good idea to keep your final rank email notice(s). This way you will know what eligibility lists you are on. If you are unable to attend an interview, contact the interviewing department. 

You may decline to interview with a particular department or for a particular position and still remain on the eligibility list for that classification.

Once the eligibility list is certified to a department for final interview/selection, the Employment Services Division is unaware of the scheduling of interviews, the selection, or the notification of remaining candidates until we receive the certification list back from the department with the application material from the candidates who were not chosen. 

Notices to candidates advising that the position has been filled will be sent directly from the department involved, not from the Employment Services Division.

For the purposes of the application, a relative is any of the following persons:
  • Your spouse
  • Your registered domestic partner
  • Your child
  • The child of your registered domestic partner
  • Your step child
  • Your daughter-in-law
  • Your son-in-law
  • Your parent
  • Your step parent
  • Your mother-in-law
  • Your father-in-law
  • The parent of your registered domestic partner
  • Your grandparent
  • Your step grandparent
  • Your grandchild
  • Your step grandchild
  • Your brother
  • Your step brother
  • Your brother-in-law
  • The brother of your registered domestic partner
  • The registered domestic partner of your brother
  • Your sister
  • Your step sister
  • Your sister-in-law,
  • The sister of your registered domestic partner
  • The registered domestic partner of your sister
  • Your half sibling
  • Your first cousin
  • Your aunt
  • Your uncle
  • Your nephew
  • Your niece