Reasonable Accommodation Requests - Job Applicant Instructions

ADA Public Notice

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the County of Sacramento provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities during employment examinations and hiring interviews.

The County administers the following types of Exams:

Formula Rate Exams: If the Job Announcement states the exam is a Formula Rate Exam (i.e., Supplemental Questions are the exam), the applicant will have already completed the exam when the application is submitted. No further action is needed.

All Other Exams: If the Job Announcement states a Written, Performance or Oral Exam, the applicant may need a Reasonable Accommodation to participate effectively in that Exam.

  1. Complete the Request Form: an applicant must submit an Employment Exam Reasonable Accommodation Online Request Form or Word Request Form, with required documentation, to the Disability Compliance Office (DCO) by the Exam’s final filing date. If a request is submitted after the final filing date, every effort will be made, but it may not be possible to arrange an accommodation in time to take the exam.
  2. Required Supporting Documentation: the request must include a note from a health care provider or educational specialist stating the applicant has a disability and what accommodation is required, without stating a medical diagnosis. When applying for multiple job postings, an applicant must submit a separate request for each exam, but medical documentation remains on file and need not be resubmitted. If the medical restriction has an end date, the applicant may be asked for updated information.
  3. Notification of Accommodation: usually the next business day, an applicant receives a response to the request by email, which should be retained, and will include either:

    • The specific accommodation(s) to be provided and instructions with contact information to follow up with Employment Services staff prior to the exam.
    • A note denying the requested accommodation with a proposed alternate reasonable accommodation . If the applicant disagrees or believes the proposed alternative will not be effective, the applicant may contact the DCO.

Confidentiality: The request and medical documentation is kept in a confidential electronic file separate from the job application process.

Requesting an accommodation for Department Interviews:

  • Departmental Interviews: if a candidate is on the current Eligible List and is invited by a County Department for a Hiring Interview, (or hiring interview exam or exercise) contact the hiring department directly to request an accommodation.

For questions or assistance with this process, contact the Disability Compliance Office at (916) 874-7642 (CA Relay Service 711) or email

August 27, 2020

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Cori Stillson, ADA Coordinator